Fellow Partners (FP)

Fellow Partner Richard Beccles

Mr. Richard Beccles is a seasoned Unionist, Project Co-coordinator, researcher with the Health Services Workers’ of the TUC (Ghana) andcurrently the Head of Research and Policy of the HSWU. He has coordinated several projects such as: Strengthening Capacity and Improving membership service delivery; Promoting Decent work in the cocoa supply chain and GAWU/FNV campaign against child labor in the agricultural sector in Ghana.

Richard has also written extensively on current issues which include, the OSHE lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic: the case of Ghana; COVID-19 as a Critical Juncture to creating a New Ghana and Africa, Biofuel as the solution of alternative energy production.; Street Vending in Ghana: A solution or a problem?

He holds a B.Ed in Social Science (Economics and Accounting) from the University of Cape Coast. A Master’s Degree in Global Political Economy and Development from the University of Kassel, Germany.

Richards’s interest lies in international relations and development, labor economics and advocacy on pertinent social issues. He serves as a fellow partner by advising the team on Social Intervention and Infrastructural policies. He also recommends several policies and research directions in the field of Health.

His Hobbies are reading, academic debates, soccer and playing of musical instrument.

Favorite quote: “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving” Albert Einstein.

Fellow Partner Stephen Tindi

Stephen Tindi is a Development Worker, Lecturer and Research Analyst. He teaches in the Department of Communication Studies at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ). He is also a Director at the Africa Center for Media and Financial Literacy (ACMFL). Stephen is passionate about media literacy, and he continues to collaborate with local and international NGOs to research and organize training in this area. 

Stephen is currently a PhD Candidate at the Technology University of Dresden (TUD), Germany. His research interests are media literacy, media economics, digital inequality and critical cultural studies.

Fellow Partner Linus Kweku Labik (Ph.D)

Linus is a materials research scientist and lecturer. He teaches in the Department of Marine Engineering of the Regional Maritime University, Accra, Ghana. His research interest includes thermal energy storage, waste-to-energy applications, waste water treatment and the defect and deformation of materials. He is also passionate about youth development and works with some groups to groom and mentor young persons. He has worked with the Energy Commission of Ghana and was a member of the IEA project for grooming young persons in policy development.


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