In Tunani Africa-Ghana, our partners are top talent professionals who are experts in their respective Areas. These experts are mandated and responsible for producing high-quality and relevant problem solving research in their respective areas. Their major focus is to recommend solutions to underlining problems in government policies relating to Health, Education, Economy, Infrastructural developments and Social Intervention.

The Lead Partner (Director of Operations)

The Lead Partner is the head of all partners and combines the responsibilities of both associate and fellow partners. He directs the operations of the entire organization and delegates responsibilities for the other partners. He is assisted by two assistant associate partners in charge of finance and administration duties.

Associate Partner (AP)

Our Associate Partners (APs) are the backbone of the daily operations of the organization. They are responsible to conduct rigorous research and provide recommendations on government policies. They are also responsible for writing communique on pressing issues confronting the African continent.

Similarly, our APs are responsible for writing mini-reports and reporting findings on Key discoveries, ideas and alternative solutions on current issues in their respective field.

Fellow Partner (FP)

Our Fellow Partners (FP) are highly repute professionals with several years of working experience in their field. The FPs work as advisors and consultants to our team and as well responsible for producing quality and extensive research.